MyDiary – Software that provides effective remote management and outcome monitoring of care and support

MyDiary is revolutionary software that assists and monitors the care of vulnerable people. It was originally designed to enable providers to remotely manage the support of individuals with learning disabilities living in their own homes, but has already proved to be equally effective in care home settings.

It helps create a safe environment for those involved in the delivery of support , particularly those lone-working, by providing up-to the-minute guidance on all aspects of support, along with real time monitoring and communication of every task encountered each day. MyDiary consists of three key elements, MyDiary Home, MyDiary Admin and MyDiary Family. These three elements are in constant communication ensuring that up to date information is provided and available to care and admin staff, as well as family and friends in real time, at the click of a mouse.

MyDiary At Home is a dedicated hardware package with a software programme used in the care environment to create a centre for all elements of care. It supports care staff to – feedback on the support provided; prompt the administration of medication; manage finances; provide targeted communication; allow care history to be at the care staff’s fingertips; monitor outcomes and goals and much, much more.

MyDiary Admin is the centralised hub of information, providing a real time insight into the support being provided on the ground via MyDiary Home. Personal information and support plans integral to the care of each supported person is managed centrally and shared with those providing the support. Supervisors and Managers can set and update outcomes, produce countless reports, have instant access to feedback on daily activities and routines and receive automated alerts whenever an incident has taken place.

MyDiary Family allows (subject to the individual consenting) family members and healthcare professionals to view up-to- the-minute feedback about the care provided and the activities undertaken throughout the day. They can see who has been providing the support, send instant messages to their loved one, staff, or management, and can see what goals have been set and how they are being achieved. Families no longer feel disconnected or neglected. They are part of the team.

Developed over 3 years, MyDiary Admin & Family can be accessed via a wide range of devices and being icon driven, is easy to learn, simple to use and is suitable for conventional PCs as well as tablets or all-in-one PCs. MyDiary At Home is supplied with dedicated touch-screen monitors which do not require a constant broadband connection to be able to be used and therefore eliminates problems caused by some online only software.