MyDiary Admin


MyDiary Admin

MyDiary Admin is the application used by the office support team & management to monitor and support each of their care teams to ensure the smooth running of the day to day operation, as well as providing support when an incident or emergency occurs. The administrative team can also use MyDiary to create a vast range of reports, from medication to finance and from incident antecedents to the outcomes of goals set. MyDiary Admin is also used to customise the information and settings for each MyDiary At Home installation.

Medication alerts and monitoring

Medication alerts can be set for any supported persons. MyDiary At Home will receive a visual prompt whenever medication is due and if not responded to within a given time limit, an alert is sent to the Admin system, with text or Email messages forwarded onto the responsible carer. Missed medication quickly becomes a thing of the past with MyDiary.Office View of Med Alert and Incidents

Financial monitoring

Managing client’s money has never been simpler. The “Wallet” function within MyDiary requires the person on duty to take responsibility for the wallet when they start their shift and then provides a mechanism for simple cash recording, adding up the totals and issuing receipt numbers for you. At the end of the shift the ‘wallet’ is handed over to the next responsible person ensuring complete financial integrity.

Goals and awards

Goals can be set & associated with any activity used in MyDiary. Each time that activity occurs, MyDiary prompts the user to provide feedback on the success of each objective. When targets are met and goals achieved, a certificate is displayed on the screen and can be printed off and and presented to mark the occasion.

Incident management

Any incident or accident that occurs can be reported instantly, by a carer simply dragging and dropping the Incident Triangle to the relevant diary activity and then selecting the type of issue, adding comments as prompted to provide information on the antecedence and the details of the episode. Once completed, the Incident is immediately visible on MyDiary Admin and an alert, text or Email can be automatically generated (if required) to the Supervisor or Manager responsible. They can then view the full details, contact those involved to discuss and close off the incident or take further action, as appropriate – all without the need to leave the office.

Office View of Responding to an Incident

Instant messaging via Stickies

The ability to create and send messages to anyone in a client’s team, including their family, means that support staff and clients can quickly and effectively communicate needs, wishes and feelings. This builds communication links and reduces the possibility of isolation and vulnerability.


The volume of information held within MyDiary Admin permits a huge range of information to be reported upon, covering any given time period. From financial transactions to goal setting; from timekeeping to medication administration and from feedback comparisons to incident details, the endless reporting capability of MyDiary enables an organisation to closely scrutinise packages of care to identify trends and changes and provide constructive feedback for field staff as well as healthcare professionals and commissioners.