MyDiary At Home


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MyDiary At Home was specifically designed and written with support staff – who would be using the software at regular intervals though the day, as well as supported people/users – at the forefront of our minds.

The software had to be really simple to use and have an appearance that made everyone want to use it. We have created something that is bright and colourful, icon driven, with touchscreens (a mouse can also be used) and fingerprint recognition to make sure that as well as being easy to use, MyDiary also has very high levels of access security.

MyDiary Home ScreenshotIt’s no exaggeration to say that support workers love it. They now have a system that provides ease of access to Care Plans, saves them jotting down notes in well-thumbed communication logs that rarely get looked at and they are now responsible for accurate reporting and monitoring. They now feel much more engaged, responsible and integral to the support package. For lone-workers this means they feel part of a team at last. Their voice is heard, their observations are noted, their recommendations being listened to.Because of it’s simplicity, complete computer novices quickly learn how to drag and drop an icon to add a new activity and then leave instant feedback.
MyDiary Home Screenshot MyDiary At Home, is not just for support staff, MyDiary appeals to Supported People – after all it is “MyDiary”! When a client touches a photo of their face on the screen and then touches the fingerprint recognition scanner, they are asked how they are feeling today. Although many service users will have limited capacity, many are able to respond to these prompts and give their support team a regular indication of their mood throughout the day, which can then be reported on by administrators who can review trends and patterns.
MyDiary Home ScreenshotThose with greater capacity – like this lovely lady – can then use the diary however they wish – adding their own feedback to activities undertaken during the day by dragging traffic-light smiley face icons, setting their own diary plans and sending their own “stickies” (instant messages) to their friends and families.