Benefits of MyDiary Software


Benefits for care providers

There is change taking place in the supported living sector. Responsible Supported Living Providers have for some time realised that they need to actively demonstrate that they are delivering successful outcomes, good performance and a cost-effective service to their local Commissioning Authority.

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Benefits for families

MyDiary Family offers families the unique opportunity of being able to view feedback from the online diary of their loved-one at any time of day or night and from any device with internet connection anywhere in the world, giving them confidence in the support being delivered and building trust with the provider concerned.

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Benefits For Supported People

MyDiary At Home has been specifically developed to be a foundation of support to those receiving care. It is focused on monitoring the provision of care, ensuring that the care is consistent, familiar and safe. MyDiary can help with monitoring of medication, finances and money, and the setting and achieving of goals and awards.

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