Benefits of MyDiary Software for care providers

Benefits For Care Providers

Helping care providers achieve 
outcome-led care

Taking the lead

There is change taking place in the supported living sector. Responsible Supported Living Providers have for some time realised that they need to demonstrate they are delivering successful outcomes, good performance and a cost-effective service to their local Commissioning Authority.

Regardless of whether a high quality of care is being delivered, few care providers are currently able to demonstrate outcome-led service provision. The care providers that are able to provide comprehensive evidence have a significant competitive edge when bidding for new business and renewing existing contracts.

MyDiary ScreenshotOutcome led success

MyDiary is leading the way with real-time reporting of care provision. It has proved that supported living providers can deliver substantial improvement in the delivery of services, with enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

MyDiary provides a genuinely personalised service. Supported living providers have real-time visibility of their client’s personal support plan (via MyDiary Admin) and can track progress of desired outcomes in real time. MyDiary users can personalise care and provide person-centred care service as well as providing individual clients, families and commissioners access to the same information, creating a truly transparent service.

Accurate information, securely held, when you need it

MyDiary provides constant and instant control of a client’s support plans which can be adapted and adjusted in accordance with changing needs and circumstances – making them true “living documents”. They can set and monitor progress towards outcomes, maintain direct contact with those supporting, encouraging their successes and ensuring a consistent approach to the care provided.

Removing excessive paperwork

Privacy in respect of client information is essential and the ability that MyDiary offers, to hold confidential information securely off site, which can be accessed dynamically, enhances individual dignity and also helps to remove excessive paperwork from homes.

Reducing the administrative burden

MyDiary allows support staff to improve care planning by gaining efficiency from using accurate, up to date, client information. The MyDiary interface allows support workers to record updates directly at the point of service delivery and to easily track and implement updated care plans and risk assessments. The easy to use interface allows managers to constantly update data and to call up reports and assessments instantly.
One of the key aspects of being able to access data centrally is that it makes it possible for colleagues to provide stand-in care at short notice, knowing that all the data needed to provide accurate care is at their fingertips. MyDiary provides prompts directly from the Care Plan for each activity undertaken during the day.

Providing robust, auditable and efficient care administration

The MyDiary software ensures the latest version of all documentation is presented and comprehensive version/change control of all documentation is maintained, demonstrating each change, when the change was enacted and who undertook the change. Suddenly the challenges of determining which copy of a care plan is current, maintaining confidentially and ensuring all plans are in a consistent format are solved.

Managing day to day Care Quality Compliance, management of internal rules and complex regulations (COHH, H&S etc.) is simplified by incorporating the information with the activity prompts for day to day activities. This reduces concern about care, encourages the organisation to flourish and allows a consistency of care to be delivered.
The administration functionality allows the generation of real time performance statistics, which can also be shared with the Commissioning Authority through a dedicated access portal.

Growing your business

The simplification of the data collection and back office functions coupled with the ease of visibility can ease the path to organisational growth, which may have previously proved difficult due to the complexity of providing additional back office support.

Sharing best practice throughout the care organisation

Recording feedback on day to day care activities allows rapid identification of best practice and the example provided by higher performing teams to be shared, allowing increased learning, rapid gains in experience, reduction in stress levels and increased productivity.