MyDiary Software benefits for families

Benefits For Families

MyDiary Family – a window into the home

Families of those in supported living want to know that the highest levels of care are being provided to their loved ones.

MyDiary Family offers families the unique opportunity of being able to view feedback from the online diary at any time of day or night and from any device with internet connection anywhere in the world, giving them confidence in the support being delivered and building trust with the provider concerned.

Families want to be able to feel involved and be able to communicate with their son, daughter, or sibling. MyDiary helps with secure instant messaging through MyDiary Stickies. If the message is not answered straight away, a prominent reminder that a message is waiting is shown on MyDiary; just like posting a note onto a refrigerator.

MyDiary Family gives a current view of who is in the house and provides an additional ability to contact any of the care staff via this instant messaging service. Families no longer need to feel isolated from the service or kept in the dark from the support being provided. They now have a real window into the home and can rest easy knowing their loved one is safe and being cared for.