MyDiary benefits for supported people

Benefits For Supported People

MyDiary – consistent, familiar, safe

MyDiary has been specifically developed to be a foundation of support to those receiving care. It is focused on monitoring the provision of care, ensuring that the care is consistent, familiar and safe.

Consistency of Care

Most care providers try to ensure that support is provided by the same support team; familiar faces that the supported person knows, likes and trusts. The support team understand their preferences and their dislikes, know how to communicate effectively and can recognise potential behavioural triggers. When a regular support worker is on holiday or falls sick, it is crucial that their replacement is able to deliver support in the same effective way as they do.

This is really difficult to achieve when the replacement is not as familiar with the client or their routines, so to help ensure that the desired consistency of care is provided, MyDiary At Home prompts the support staff with the nuances of the routine, every step of the way. Management can then keep a careful eye out for any issues, by carefully monitoring the feedback given throughout the day.


Monitoring of Medication

MyDiary At Home provides prompts for the administering of medication. Confirmation has to be provided within a strict timeline, individually set to the type of medication provided. If confirmation is not provided within the time allocated an alarm is issued, both within the house and MyDiary Admin. This will prompt an immediate escalation until the medication is taken or a reason for non-administration is provided.


Wallet transactions - MyDiaryFinances and money

To be able to manage finances and ensure that every penny is accounted for, MyDiary At Home has a very easy to use, ‘wallet’ function. The wallet is the responsibility of one member of the home care team and is virtually “handed over” from one staff member at the end of their shift to the next on duty, to maintain complete integrity. The daily cash transactions are then recorded, with the system doing all the arithmetic and creating a full audit log as it goes.


MyDiary Goal OverviewGoals and awards

MyDiary At Home promotes and measures outcomes by allowing you to set goals around daily routines or activities and then attaching the appropriate icon to that activity. Goals can then be carefully tracked on all 3 sides to the system and once successfully achieved a certificate will be automatically generated, and presented to the supported person to mark their achievement. Goals can be easily updated or added to as time goes by and Reports to prove the outcomes achieved produced for commissioners at any time.